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In the blazing heat of summer, there’s nothing better than a swift plunge into a cool blue pool of crystal clear water to restore one’s spirits.  While we can’t all jet off to amazing locales at the far reaches of the earth, those of us with an expanse of  grass in our backyards might raise an eyebrow at today’s roundup of cool swimming pools, struck by inspiration and moved to adapt one of these awesome designs into something we could pull off in real life.  While the cliffhanging feat of The Joule hotel in Dallas might be difficult to emulate, a few of the other less precipitous yet equally beautiful offerings in today’s image curation are far more easily imitated.  Before you call up your local contractor, though, take a moment to enjoy these ten gorgeous moments of zen.

10 Cool Swimming Pools


cool swimming pool


swimming pools


grand swimming pools


grotto pool


unique swimming pools


natural swimming pool


cool backyard pool


cool infinity pool


classic indoor pool


Fiji pool found at Viking Pools LLC.