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Sometimes, a foyer, living room or common area just needs a little extra something to make it all come together.  Today’s collection of six noteworthy modern benches are just the ticket; blending form and function, they offer an open layer of grab-and-go storage space doubling as a spot where you can pause to pull on your galoshes before heading out into the rain or kick off your sneakers after a neighborhood run.

Although Judson Beaumont offers more conversation fodder than actual functionality with his “Canned Bench” (meant to look like an aluminum tuna or sardine can being peeled open), the rest of today’s roundup is sleek and simple; even if you never find a moment’s rest in any of them, they still offer an air of modernity when placed in just the right spot.

modern museum bench
Modern Bench by Jangir Maddadi
cocoa leaf bench
The Cocoa Bench by Marc Sadler
lapalma wood bench
Minimalist Modern “Otium” Bench by Mario Ruiz for Lapalma


canned tuna bench
The “Canned Bench” by Judson Beaumont for Straight Line Designs
metal cutout botanical bench
Modern Bench by Dario Antonioni and Brandon Lynne


modern mahogany bench
Modern Mahogany Bench by Fizz designer Cameron Van Dyke


Cocoa Bench found at Suite NY.