For many of us, when we hear the word “recliner,” the automatic image that comes to mind is one of a father figure from the 1970s in a worn velour easy chair, nodding off to sleep and not looking particularly dashing.  Luckily for all of us, comfort no longer comes to us devoid of style — the contemporary recliners in today’s roundup are as slim, sleek and stylish as they are comfy, cozy and — the best part — ergonomically designed.  Available in an endless range of color and upholstery options, this stylish bunch invites you to put your feet up, sink right in and look cool doing it.


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Take a Load Off: 5 Contemporary Recliners



The Zen Recliner by Wei-Chieh Hung

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The Fjords 110 Avensis Modern Reclining Furniture by Hjellegjerdjpge



Modern Recliner Collection from Hancock & Moore



The Dormio Recliner from Modern Home