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If you’re looking for a table that will capture your visitors’ attention with its unique design, get the Nap small table by Arflex. It is the creation of Paola Vella and comes with a matt lacquered wooden frame in black, white, or sand. It also comes with a satin finished bronze frame with a Carrara marble top. Both versions come on wheels allowing you to move them wherever you want.


The Nap Small Table by Arflex

low accent table


Nap is all about minimalistic living. Its low profile highlights nearby elements while providing a creative centerpiece. While the table looks like a thick slab, it has a strong presence and visual heft. It seems to float thanks to its top which is perched on a very small base. When placed on a hard surface like concrete or hardwood, it appears to hover a few inches above the floor. For a softer effect, place it on top of a rug. Its clean lines will make a lovely contrast with a shaggy rug. The Nap small table by Arflex is ideal for homes with midcentury modern sofas or lounge chairs with low profiles. It possesses a rich and welcoming aesthetic that fits easily into any modern home.


midcentury modern interiors

livingroom furniture design


The Nap small table is a perfect piece for homeowners looking for something different. Its modern classic design lets your imagination run free. It beautifully completes living rooms and gives spaces a personalized touch. It brings great style into any interior. Besides its low profile, what other details do you love about the Nap small table?