Stylish Entertaining: Vojage Bar By Formenti

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Renowned Italian brand Formenti has come up with a new furniture piece named Vojage Bar. Formenti is a leading manufacturer in the furniture world known for its high quality, modish furnishings. It is dedicated to meticulous design detailing and in-depth research of materials. The company has an array of products with distinct characters and styles; Vojage Bar is one of its best.


Vojage Bar By Formenti

luxury bar design


The most impressive thing about the Vojage Bar by Formenti is its ability to collapse into a cupboard when not in use. When in use, it easily opens up into a fully fledged bar. Vojage, with its opulent design and very generous size, allows you to entertain your guests in style without compromising on any aspect of hospitality. It is constructed out of wood and is available in two color variations: a darker one and a lighter one. The colors give you the opportunity to choose your style. When closed, Vojage looks like a cupboard with its shutters exhibiting an ornate display of patterns. When open, it is nothing less than a delight. The bar has adequate space for your exquisite barware, decanters, glasses, and other paraphernalia. What makes it extra special is its mini refrigerator that keeps your drinks chilled!


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With fine features, an expanse of space, and superb internal organization, Vojage Bar by Formenti is a clever and intuitive piece. So, when hosting a party or having some friends over, be sure to keep it close. It will save you frequent trips to your refrigerator and wine rack. Are you ready to entertain in style with it?