Steamer Trunks from the Mayfair Storage Collection 1
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Steamer trunks offer a great weathered look that can add character in the right home setting. Steamer trunks were popular from 1880-1920 as a form of luggage due to their large storage capabilities. Traveling was not as quick as it is today and also travelers took more outfits on average than today. These pieces feature cigar leather or brushed steel with great detail in the locks, end-pieces, stitching, and nail head trim. They are constructed of a wooden frame.

Steamer Trunks
A Handle
A Lock
Aluminun Trunk
Leather Details
Leather Storage Box
Leather Trunk
Storage Trunks
Metal Storage Trunks
Nail Head Trim
Small Storage Trunk
Small Trunk
Steamer Trunk
Steel Trunk
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