white staircase

Modern Staircase Ideas

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Modern staircases can take a room from nice to wow!  Whether it’s an older home with a large grand staircase or a modern home with a staircase that seems to float from the walls, adding a unique staircase to a home can increase the value of the home just by aesthetics alone.  Many contemporary staircase designs are becoming exceedingly elaborate.  They can be a work of art, but they also serve a functional purpose as well.  The 6 staircases that are featured in this article are anything but ordinary.  They serve to push the limits of how a traditional staircase should appear. Form, color, and materials have been challenged in reference to typical design.  These designers are pushing the limits of what should be seen in a home and they are doing it with style.

Floating Staircase 

This black sophisticated staircase appears to float in the air.  Though you may be weary of walking up such a staircase you will no doubt be dazzled by its unique setup.

floating staircase

Stepping Stones Staircase

Polished and shiny, this white staircase winds around a central axis hidden for both form and style.  This luxurious looking staircase would be lovely for any unique and modern home.

white staircase

Zigzag Staircase

The design of the zigzag staircase can be perfect for rooms lacking extra space.  Breaking up the staircase by cutting it in half and having it swing in opposite directions is a perfect way to allow access to an upstairs room while retaining style and functionality.

zigzag stairs

Glass Staircase

This luxurious staircase is made for a home with someone trying to make a statement. The glass staircase is accompanied by a cylinder aquarium so those ascending or descending the stairs get a breathtaking aquatic view.

glass staircase

Blended Staircase

This staircase is designed to flow with the room and takes its form from nature.  The white staircase seamlessly blends in with the walls and mirrors the fluidity of the ocean outside the window.

blended staircase

Glass Encased Staircase

This bright and modern staircase is simple enough except for the wonderful use of glass as a means of a railing.  The see-through effect of the glass allows the room to appear bigger and brighter.  This type of design can go with any decor because of its transparent qualities.  Any modern home would look lovely with this glass adjustment to their staircase; pair with a light colored wood or finish.

glass encased staircase