Organize Your Books At Home

Space Saving Ideas For Your Books

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Are you an avid reader with stacks and piles of books in every nook and cranny of your home? Or maybe you just haven’t found a functional and stylish way to keep the books of the house organized and do not prefer an electronic reader.  Whatever the case, you may be surprised how easy it is to find versatile ways to keep mess and clutter at bay and keep your books organized. These 5 space saving ideas on how to keep books organized are clever and very cool looking.  Books often make a place look cluttered so the the secret is to have the right presentation.  Hopefully these suggestions will give you some ideas about your own organization.  Let’s take a look.

Book Organizer

Find something fancy and personality-filled like this shelving unit to not only keep your books organized but on display. It not only serves as a functional piece but also can be adjusted to match. A great way to show and place all of your books in one tidy place. The desktop bookshelf has 2 main parts, the position and the distance between two parts can be adjusted to meet your different storage needs. Maximize use your space.

Key Features

  • MDF White wood
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Uniform color
  • Baffle design
  • Strong load-bearing
  • Design with sleek irregular shelves

Expandable Wood Desktop Bookshelf Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack Wood Display Shelf - Free Style Display True Natural Stand Shelf Rack Assembled Bookcase Adjustable Display Rack, White

Simple Book Stand

There is no doubt that this product has been popular in social media like Instagram for a long time. Put it on your desk, take pictures and share it with your social media account, and you’ll get a lot of like and vote.

VOSTOR Files Folder Stand Desktop File Organizer, Triangle Wire Magazine Holder Book Shelf, 9 Slot File Sorter Eye-catching Decoration for Indoor Office Home, Photography Props, Fashion in INS(Gold)

Ladder Shelf Book Shelve

This ladder shelf can be used as a plant stand, bookcase, bathroom cabinet, storage organizer in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, office, corridor or any other space.

IRONCK Industrial Bookshelf 4-Tier, Bookcase 60

Books don’t have to be stacked or shelved, they can be put onto a table too. With this amazing book table storage unit, you can not only keep your books organized, but also have a conversation piece in your living room or home office. It’s unique, has depth and has the right kind of contemporary style for those that seek a definite theme.

A Large Book Unit

If you have just too many books for these items to help, then you may need to find the right shelving unit for the space. Lengthy with fun lines and in the right colors, your unit can easily be functional, versatile and transform your room into something quite special. It’s all in what you choose!

Superjare Triple Wide 5-Tier Bookshelf, Rustic Industrial Style Book Shelf, Wood and Metal Bookcase Furniture for Home & Office - Vintage Brown

Adjustable Book Case

Of course, there’s also the built-in shelving option. Nix a wall and get creative by making a shelved wall the accent piece. A bit more traditional than your more contemporary choices, with the right decor and styling you can still make a built-in look fresh and clean. Think monochromatic and black, which also gives off a fashion-forward feel.

DIY Adjustable Bookcase, Bookshelf with 9 Book Shelves, Home Furniture Storage