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Mario Bellini a renowned furniture designer brings to you a beautiful sprawling double bed to add more charm to your bedroom. The Grand Piano Bed by Mario Bellini is spacious, and aesthetically designed to not only beautify the place, but provides incredible comfort as well. Mario Bellini’s grand piano double bed has a unique shape, color, and style, enough to transform your conventional bedroom into a chic and classy one. Unlike other mainstream beds, this ultra modern furniture of Mario Bellini has multi-purpose side panels and snazzy headboard to provide required support when resting or reading.

Mario Bellini’s scenographic double Grand Piano Bed incorporates all necessary features required to provide unmatchable comfort and support. Mario Bellini’s design has comfortable head board padded with memoform to facilitate sound sleep and prevent neck pain. Additionally, the spacious large sleeping piece of furniture provides enough space to rest your cares away.

When there are plenty of large double beds available in the market, then what makes Mario Bellini’s Grand Piano Bed different? –very simple. It has distinct side panels that can be used for seating or shelving, which you won’t find elsewhere. Keeping side tables in bedroom has become a history now. You can keep books, gadgets or anything else on these side panels and enjoy ultimate proximity. This wonderful grand piano double bed by Mario Bellini is ideal for homeowners who want to give their old-fashioned bedroom a quick makeover.

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