The South Coast villa is the perfect example of a modern holiday home. Built by Dutch design company Piet Boon, it showcases stylish architecture both inside and out. The holiday home is set on a golf course in Portugal and merges the homeowner’s wishes and the designer’s vision. It is a private sanctuary where the owner can relax and unwind far away from everything. It flaunts a discreet façade that is entirely different from the dominant houses around it.


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South Coast Villa by Piet Boon

Southern Architecture


The house’s exterior walls are  made from locally-sourced stone and hides the main house from view. The wall acts as a shield behind which the owners have their own world. Behind the wall is a private enclosed garden with an open-air bathroom and a large swimming pool. Everything about the villa is perfect, in balance, and reflects what the owners had in mind. The South Coast villa by Piet Boon is designed in such a way that all modern amenities are within easy reach even when it is occupied by two people. A subdued color palette adorns the home creating a serene atmosphere. The tranquil environment creates the perfect setting for relaxation.


Modern sophisticated villa



Luxurious printed materials are grouped by tone for an elegant look. The house is filled with modern conveniences that offer comfort and luxury. Functional, low-tech systems have been installed for easy maintenance. Piet Boon’s love for traditional and local building materials is evident and shines through in this project. The villa perfectly merges the company’s design philosophy and local building traditions.