In a world that’s occasionally a bit too sleek and ultramodern for its own good, sometimes a familiar face is the perfect antidote to self-aware pretense.  Today’s roundup of sumptuous leather couches are just what the doctor ordered; they’re like the home decor equivalent of a mug of hot chocolate, a favorite childhood blanket, or perhaps a big bear hug from someone older and wiser.  While the sight and scent of a new leather couch is something to behold, the aging process itself lends a certain kindness; character can be found in every crease, every soft spot, every hint of patina.  So settle in and enjoy today’s series of comforting spots in which to curl up or sprawl out for some much-needed respite.

leather couches
Leather Couch Reproduction from Old Plank Road


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leather couch
Antique Leather Sofa via Stylehive


leather sofas
Armstrong Leather Sofa from Andrew Martin



leather sofa
Carnival Sleeper by Zuo Modern


leather sofa bed
Cassius Deluxe Sofa Bed by Innovation via LA Contempo Furniture


leather Chesterfield sofa
Classic Marlborough Chesterfield Sofa


traditional leather sofa
Mercer Sofa from Bassett Furniture


leather seating
Stanton Sofa from Front Room Furnishings


brown leather sofa
Three-Seater Sofa from Moroso


contemporary leather sofa
Underbar Deluxe Sofa via LA Contempo Furniture


Main image found at Old Plank Road.