Did you know Zeppelins were first flown commercially in 1910?  Well maybe you, like me (unless you’re more than 100 years old while you’re reading this) most probably didn’t have the chance to travel around the world on a Zeppelin.  *Sigh*  But anyway, a trip from Germany to Brazil used to last about 3 months on board of one of these “rigid airships”.  Nowadays it takes no longer than 15 hours.  Times have changed thanks to technology and some say time is money so…


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A Sofa Made in Heaven: The Zeppelin Sofa


All the same, creative inspiration always comes from the most uncommon places.  Encouraged by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin’s lucrative design, Ukraine based world-class industrial designers Mukomelov bring us down to earth the experience of being one fortunate Zeppelin passenger, so to speak.


A Sofa Made in Heaven: The Zeppelin Sofa


“We are dreaming of the sky not for the first time.  Inspired by the inventor Ferdinand Zeppelin’s construction dirigible forms, we proudly demonstrate a sofa conception, which will bring a bit of the sky into your interior.” – Mukomelov Studio

This contemporary sofa of smooth lines and soft effect offers a wide and magnificent space, covered in soft fabric and filled with a comfortable lining.   No “rigid” concept here.  Only unusual, white, modern and stylish furniture concept.

So!  Last call to board the Zeppelin Sofa, people!


A Sofa Made in Heaven: The Zeppelin Sofa


Photos source: Aleksandr Mukomelov on Behance.net