Sliding doors are no less elegant now than they were in the long-ago Asian cultures in which they originated, but new materials have given them a sturdier, more pronounced presence than their predecessors of centuries past.  Today’s roundup of modern sliding doors, also called “fusama,” range from glass room dividers to metal sliding wardrobe doors, as well as a heavy slab of wood from Bartels acting as a privacy partition for a master bedroom in an urban loft.  They may not provide as much satisfaction as a slammed door during moments of frustration, but then again, it might be a moot point since they lend a sense of Zenlike calm to their surrounding spaces.  You could say it’s in their genes.

Sliding Into Home: Four Modern Sliding Doors

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modern interior sliding door



interior sliding glass door



patterned wardrobe doors


Modern wood sliding door found at Bartels.