Looking for a bed that won’t go out of style anytime soon? Get the Ayrton Bed by Estel. It evokes a feeling of comfort and will envelop you in effortless, sumptuous elegance. If you are tired of tossing and turning at night or waking up with back pains, get this bed and drift off to dreamland in no time.


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Ayrton Bed by Estel

leather bed design


Featuring a distinctive design with elements incorporated into the structure to create a bedside table, you’ll love everything about the Ayrton bed by Estel. The bedside table comes in a range of colors according to the mattress support. It provides extra storage space and stylishly holds all your bedtime essentials. The design comes with an optional headboard and a wooden structure covered in Polyurethane. It has chrome-plated stainless steel legs and can be upholstered in leather and eco-leather.


Minimalist design


Your bed is a long-term investment and should be chosen with the utmost of care. Since you spend a lot of time sleeping, it should be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. The Ayrton furniture is made for sleeping and offers superior comfort that is unmatched. If you have plenty of space in your bedroom, make it the focal point by adding fluffy pillows and quality bed linen. You can also get it for your guest bedroom and create an inviting area that is appreciated by guests. Wherever you place it, it is sure to impress. Don’t you agree that the Ayrton collection is all you need for a good night’s rest?