When it comes to home furnishings, it doesn’t get more basic than a chair.  Yet while black is the foundation of many a wardrobe — the go-to hue for fashionistas and stylish gents everywhere — in interior decor, it’s often overlooked.  So today, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on a series of ten jet-black chairs that add a bit of gravitas to a room.  Add a smattering of any of these pieces with a few glossy black interior doors and you’ve got an instant upgrade in terms of luxury.  Where plain white and wood tones are expected, a well-placed, intelligently-planned pop of black can bring the drama in the best way possible.  Without further ado: enjoy today’s roundup of 10 jet black chairs.

10 Jet Black Chairs

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black acrylic chair


black tufted armchair


black z shaped chair


black ghost chairs


black polycarbonate chair


black eiffel chair


black egg chair


black velvet chair


black inflatable chair



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