Simon Dennehy's Ergonomic Furniture for Primary Schools 1
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Back pains, sore neck, nausea, deep vein thrombosis, obesity etc are all linked to poor posture. Kryptonite for most modern day dwellers, bad postural habits can be rectified by visiting the neighborhood chiropractor, yoga and investing in a good desk chair. Simon Dennehy’s Ergonomic Furniture for Primary Schools inculcates the habit of good posture from an early age and can be used in schools and homes alike. Constructed of co-extruded hollow-section polycarbonate, the chairs include ventilated slots and flexible front wings, which help in exerting upward pressure so that when gently oscillate their legs and increase muscular activity. Manufactured by Perch, the collection seeks to “align the spine, promote movement, and encourage sound ergonomics”.


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