6 Modern Side Table Ideas Perfect for a Living Room

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Side tables can be used for a multitude of decorative purposes.  They can be placed at either end of a sofa or TV console.  They can be used by themselves as a unique piece or symmetrical in pairs.  They can be functional for setting down drinks or living room items such as remotes or telephones, or purely aesthetic for adding decor elements such as fresh flowers or books.  Modern side tables go beyond four legs and a tabletop.  They are now made out of many materials and most of the time more than one material is used in the same table.  Whether you prefer wood, metal, glass, or even plastic, there are side tables for every style.  Side tables can be slim and curvy or bulkier and full of storage.  They don’t have to be an expensive piece to buy and they are fun to decorate.  Here is a compilation of 6 modern side table ideas sure to give you side table envy in any living room!

Jacques Lucite Two Tier-Table

This Johnathan Adler table is made of lucite and polished brass, sure to add a modern flair to your living room and match any furniture.  Add some unique touches like coral on magazines and books or fresh flowers in a vase and you’re done!

Side Table Ideas

Phoebe Brass-Top Table

These octagonal side tables are made of polished brass and granite.  You can use them separately on each side of your sofa or pair with several and use as a coffee table.

brass-top table

Magical Thinking Diamond Side Table

This minimalist table is great for styling in its simplistic yet interesting form.  Made with a glass top and metal frame.

diamond side table

Faceted Woodblock Side Table

This geometric wooden side table will add another dimension to your living room.  All angles of wood may vary in color due to the unique wood used in the making of the table.

woodblock side table

Plum and Bow Round Dipped Side Table

Dipped accessories are all the rage right now and they add a fresh pop of color to any surface.  Here you can see the Plum and Bow dipped wooden side table in yellow.  This table also comes in a pink.  Many “dipped” pieces of furniture can be found all over the internet and are a cute modern addition to a home or apartment.

dipped side table

Reclaimed Mid Century Modern Side Table

Here is an example of a side table that can be used as a stand alone piece against the wall either in a living room or entry way.  You can feature a few items on this table or showcase artwork above.  Each piece is made from reclaimed wood so every one is unique.

mid century side tableSource

What style side table do you most enjoy?

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