Modern bedrooms are all about flowing ergonomics and beautiful aesthetics. They perfectly balance form and function and create the right mood. When designing your contemporary bedroom, get the Segno Bed from Santarossa. It merges comfort with class and will uplift the atmosphere of your bedroom. The platform has a small frame and a large headboard. It can comfortably accommodate two people and invites you to lie down and relax. Once you sleep on it, you’ll want to spend the whole day there.


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Segno Bed by Santarossa


The Segno Bed by Santarossa creates an elegant and modern atmosphere. Its large headboard is inspired by wall paneling and will take your breath away the first time you see it. The headboard has slats in different widths fitted with LED lights to illuminate the surrounding elements. Segno will add a bold contemporary vibe to your favorite room. Its clean horizontal lines and gigantic headboard create a modern look that makes you feel totally at home. It befits a stylish, trendy bedroom and sleeps like a dream.


elegant bed design


A bed is the focal point of any room. While a beautiful color scheme and unique accessories help highlight the elegance of your bedroom, a good bed is a must. Your bedroom doubles up as a private refuge and must be unique in every way. The Segno Bed from Santarossa will make your room the place of your dreams. It is the perfect place to enjoy a good night’s rest and forget about your worries. Can you picture the Segno Bed in your modern bedroom?