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The RoTenSion Table is a daring table concept that is made from wood and metal and it definitely manages to impress with its uniqueness. The table is made of various layers of wood that intertwine in such a way that the perfectly circular table can be turned into a smaller table and stored away when not needed. In fact, due to the way the RoTenSion Table is built you can create various table shapes out of it by simply rotating the various pieces of circular wood while also adjusting the position of the metal legs. The table can then be placed in different areas of a room for a totally original effect. The RoTenSion Unique Table Design is definitely an inspiring concept that could turn out to be a lot more useful around the house than you might think.

RoTenSion Table Combines Wood and Metal for Unique Table Design
RoTenSion Table 2.jpg

RoTenSion Table 3.jpg
RoTenSion Table 4.jpg
RoTenSion Table 5.jpg

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