To look at a photo of the Rituals suspended lighting by Foscarini, it would be easy to assume they are made of the translucent, thin washi paper used in popular oriental lanterns.  The lightness and delicacy of each one make them beautiful on their own, but combined into a carful composition of seven different shapes they make a stunning visual presentation.


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Rituals suspended lighting by Foscarini

suspended lighting by Foscarini


Their compositional perfection, however, doesn’t compare to the surprising truth behind the so-called lampshades.  Each Rituals suspended lighting by Foscarini is actually made from glass, not the more malleable thin paper.  Designer team Ludovico + Roberto Palomba called on all of the skill of master Murano glassblowers to execute such a precise design that it actually can imitate a paper lantern.


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Rituals lighting


Each of the three shapes begins with a mold where the hand-blown glass can be formed without the turning the molten glass to create its shape; a process referred to as a “stationary” mold because the glassblower doesn’t constantly turn the glass.  The mold uses negative space to suggest the folds of a paper lantern.  After leaving the mold, the shade is manually ground to perfect its appearance before the final chemical wash that makes the glass translucent like rice paper. The soft glow from the finished Rituals light is evocative and intimate in a way that reflects the incredibly care with which the lights are crafted.  The lamp is available with either a G9 or E27 light bulb base. Wouldn’t you like to see the Rituals lights for yourself to examine the craftsmanship that can make glass look so weightless?