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Nothing quite epitomizes a slower, more relaxed pace of life than the summer image of a languid day spent poolside.  Warm breezes, a cool drink, and sparkling water are best enjoyed while catching some sun in the afternoon.  To really be comfortable on this idyllic day, you need the perfect place to recline.  A day bed that is ready to weather the great outdoors.  With the In Out 282 from Gervasoni, the perfect lazy day doesn’t have to be something from your wistful imagination.  Whether you have a poolside place to recline or not, the indoor/outdoor quality day bed will accommodate you anywhere you want to close your eyes and peacefully unwind. 


Relaxed Comfort: In Out 282 Day Bed from Gervasoni

outdoor daybed


The modern, handwoven wicker styling of the In Out 282 Day Bed by Gervasoni has an organic, tropical texture in either a crisp white or an earthy cocoa.  For a sleeker, more high-fashion look, choose the white-gray polyethylene and aluminum combination.  The solid frames rest low to the ground on square block legs, and are shaped to provide a natural reclining position that keeps the head and legs slightly elevated.


In Out Day Bed


A single, seamless cushion made from water- and mold-resistant polyurethane is easy to clean and care for even in outdoor exposure to the elements.  The mattress surface measures 56 by 30 cm.  The versatility and comfort of the Inout 282 make this day bed just as practical and functional as it is luxurious and indulgent.  Use it to enjoy an entire day of relaxation or just a few minutes of refreshment and you’ll experience a taste of a more relaxed lifestyle.


Won’t you appreciate a dose of tranquility in your day?