Read-Unread Bookshelf by Niko Economidis Design 1
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The Read-Unread bookshelf by Niko Economidis Design, will keep a transparent balance between the books you have read and the ones you still have to read.

We’ve seen our fair share of interesting bookshelves here on Furniture Fashion, but this design we’re about to show you has a special feature we didn’t encounter before. We’re looking at a very simple design that uses beams mounted on the wall across which a leather strap is hung. At each end of the strap you can tie up the books that have been read and the ones that have to be read. In case your daily job involves a lot of manuscripts and/or screenplay reading, such a minimal furniture item could help you better organize your work days, both at home and at the office. Via Nikoeconomidis

Read-Unread Bookshelf by Niko Economidis Design

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