All Clad Electric Griddles

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Some meals were meant to be cooked on an electric griddle. Take breakfast for instance. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes are perfect candidates to cook on a griddle surface. Most stove cook tops do not come with a griddle surface since these are often installed in a home by the builder who usually selects standard appliances.

The all-clad electric griddle made by all-clad is a household name that most of us are familiar with. The biggest thing for me in electric cook top surfaces is their ability to be cleaned. I had owned a George Foreman grill many years ago and frankly it was a nightmare to clean.

The instruction video shows that there is a hole on top of the griddle where you push all of the drippings into which collects into a small tray. The tray is dishwasher safe. The cook top can be cleaned with a damp paper towel or cloth.

The All-Clad Electric Griddle

Price: $299.

Electric Griddle by All Clad

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