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Are you looking for a way to recycle the space used by your current laundry basket? Well why not replace it with the Polyp  Basket, an interesting basket design that’s meant to be mounted on the wall of your choosing. The Polyp Laundry Basket cab be easily attached to a wall in you room and used to store dirty laundry. Whenever each of the three baskets is filled, you can simply remove it from the wall and carry your clothes to the washing machine. Each basket has as much storage space as your laundry machine so whenever it fills up you’ll have exactly one load of dirty clothes to deal with. The only problem with the Polyp Laundry Basket is explaining the design to your visitors. As daring as this design is, the fact remains that it stores dirty clothes, which are available for anyone to see.

Polyp Laundry Basket Holds Dirty Clothes On the Wall
Polyp Laundry Basket 2.jpg


Polyp Laundry Basket 3.jpg

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