Astral Pendants from VivaTerra

The Stunning Astral Pendants from VivaTerra

For some reason, lighting is one of our favorite elements to cover here at Furniture Fashion.  Perhaps the simplicity of the fact that a facade is needed to cover or partially shield a light source.

Blended with the fact that a facade is essentially a costume, which breeds creativity by its very nature — has something to do with the flights of fancy we’ve seen in the world of pendant lamps and their various cousins — task lights, floor lamps and other related pieces.

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Of particular interest are the creations that take a simple, age-old concept and update it somehow, or at least give a fond nod back to its origins with a reasonable replica.

In the case of VivaTerra‘s astral pendants, pinhole lighting takes on a celestial appearance with a series of hole-punched hanging globes with a smidge of shimmery gold peeking out from each tiny opening.

Beautiful both during daytime and at night, these heavenly little lamps call to mind a sun-moon-stars theme without being too literal. Dreamy as can be, the raw iron spheres are treated with a phosphate coating to create a darkened halo effect around each hand-drilled hole.

Small lights are 7″ x 7″ ($98) while the larger version ($189) is 9″ x 9″. Let there be light!

Images are copyright of VivaTerra.

Astral Pendants from VivaTerra