Whether you are relaxing and surfing the internet or you’re getting some late night office work, the Book Table by Richard Lambert has you covered, comfortably. Arik Levy designed this desk with the idea of housing complete storage and a contemporary desk within the same unit. Its high quality countertop is fully lacquered and comes in black or white to compliment your home office design style.


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Book Table by Richard Lambert

Modern storage desk


While you may think your desk is only supposed to be utilitarian the Book Table by Richard Lambert offers a place to showcase your collectibles, store your extra books and keep all your belongings within arm’s reach. It can be specified in solid, smoked oak and a wax lacquer. The oak comes in a beautiful raw surface and is ideal for your rustic home office. Decide what activities you will get done at this desk and see who else in the family may want to share it with you!


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light and dark office desks


The Book Table can double as an office desk or in a small apartment could be used as a dining room table. Multifunction is at the head of priority for this contemporary design that offers style and user-friendly appeal all at the same time. What room will the Book Table work best in your home?