Like the beautiful classical statues gracing a formal Italian garden, the Penelope lamp bears the power and graceful presence of a marble goddess.  The designer teams at Moredesign and Myyour started with inspiration from those classical women, but the Penelope lamp is influenced by more than just one style and period.  In fact, this lamp is over a millennium in the making from ancient civilizations to contemporary technology.


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Ancient Sculpture Meets Modern Design

Sweepingly modern forms


Tall and sleek, and over two meters high,  the Penelope lamp my Myyour has curves that are effortlessly sweeping and fully modern.  The lamp’s translucent, anthropomorphic features give off a peaceful glow through the hollow mold light from within.  While the traditional white recalls memories of ancient sculptors in the dawn of classical Europe, the Penelope is also offered in several brighter colors to evoke a more contemporary and playful attitude.


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human shaped lamp


In addition to the classical elements of sculpture, the smooth and slightly abstracted form of the Penelope lamp carries hints of Etruscan anthropomorphic figures, and the modernism of Giacometti’s tall and reedy sculptures.  Thus, the floor lamp is really a synthesis of styles, influences, and time periods all united to create a single piece that is old and new, ancient and contemporary.  You won’t be able to miss this addition to your home, because the Penelope has a striking and mesmerizing presence thanks to the millennia of artistic moments that contribute to the final lamp.  When you look at the graceful form of the Penelope lamp, what moments in time come to your mind?