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Shelter sofas.  High-backed couches.  Box seats.  Pods.  Circle chairs.  No matter what you call them, they all have one thing in common: they’re an introvert’s dream come true.  Today’s roundup of privacy seats help their inhabitants keep a low profile, shielding them with tall backings or even their own personal walls to keep the world outside.  Sometimes, silence is golden, and these seating options all encourage a soft knock or clearing of the throat as someone approaches, so as not to rustle up any trouble in paradise.  Although phone booths, elevator benches and stagecoaches may be a thing of the past, these cozy little pods for one (or two) are about as intimate as public (er, make that private) seating can get.

10 Chic Privacy Seats


high back sofa


privacy pod


G pod


shelter sofa


high backed sofa


personal teepee


high backed apartment sofa


pod chair


patio pod


Canasta found at B&B Italia.

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