Say goodbye to the overstuffed recliner in the corner.  It may be comfortable, but it’s not helping your décor.  Ditch the chair but not the roomy place to relax by upgrading to the Dolly chair from Gamma.  It’s oversized done the right way, with room to unwind and comfort to match.  This contemporary design is high on style, making it a main fixture in your living room instead of an annoying eyesore.  Two polished metal runners support the chair with sleek lines instead of individual legs.


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Dolly Chair by Gamma


To help balance the stately proportions of the seat and keep the chair from appearing heavy or graceless, the Dolly chair by Gamma has open base helps create a lightweight contrast.  Also, the gray leather upholstery is highlighted with electric blue stitching to break up the mass of the seat and provide visual interest.  Narrow armrests keep the lines flowing and elegant, just as the sloped back is as much about creating a chic design as it is about comfort.  All these elements come together to compliment the generous seat that is all about comfort.


Comfortable lounging chair


The Dolly is the best seat in the house for relaxing and putting the finishing touch on your modern décor.  Get the best of both worlds and make the Dolly chair to your favorite spot to get comfortable.  The only question is: once you sit down, how will you ever leave the most comfortable place in the house?