So your kids love roasting marshmallows, but then again, who doesn’t like that, no matter what age? And if you’re not always ready to take them on an adventurous camping trip but happen to have some sort of backyard then why not improvise some fast marshmallow parties out there for them? And in order to make everything perfect you’d need this matching set of Marshmallow seats and benches. As you can see you can choose between a bench, a 2-seater and a 3-seater for your garden. They are made of lightweight concrete and are going to be ready to host your improved outdoor parties. Not to mention they will be a hit with the kids! Now that you have a thematic seating arrangement solution, all you need is a fire and then some real marshmallows. Via Cilicon Faytory

Outdoor Marshmallow Seating Solution Is for Real Marshmallow Parties
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