14 Inspiring Outdoor Kitchens with Fireplace Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For 2021

If you’ve got the luxury of a bigger backyard that includes a kitchen and spot for BBQing creating dinners in the evening, we’re jealous. But even more so, we want to inspire you to amp that space up to the next level by adding a fireplace.

Fall smores parties, hot dogs in the spring time, hamburgers on the grill in the summer and hot chocolate nights in the winter, you’d be amazed by all the fun entertaining you can have just by adding this bit of grandiosity. Let’s dive right in and get inspired by these 14 gorgeous outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs that accompany them!

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs

As this space proves, you should never have to choose between a chic design or a purely practical setup. Your outdoor living area can be both—and make you everyone’s favorite host. The matching, white stacked stone L-shaped kitchen, bar island, and gas fireplace, contrasted with darkly furnished seating areas, makes this outdoor living space truly inviting and worthy of a magazine cover.

Aesthetics aside, it also offers plenty of functionality, with a smoker, large grill, refrigerator, ample storage, trash bin, sink, and cooler. What better place to gather with family and friends to enjoy a meal, and then cozy up around the fireplace to continue the conversation?

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs

This is the perfect spot to escape from the pool to in the summer or for your teenagers to have some downtime with their friends during holiday breaks. It’s got a homey, rustic feel inside the luxury of the addition but it’s not over-the-top enough to cause an overwhelming disturbance.

We love the interest the different tile shapes and tones add to the area and how the stone structure has that same appeal.

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
Outdoor Kitchen featured in HGTV Kitchen Trends

This space was made for entertaining. With a backyard big enough, you can create an area that’s purely for party and event purposes. The fireplace creates a focal point to the entire area and you’ve got enough room for everyone to mix and mingle without feeling cramped or awkward.

We love how the food preparation area is kept on one end of the spectrum but with enough layout and space to prepare and serve.

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces from Texas Custom Patios

Relaxed, romantic and made for intimacy, we’re swooning over the welcoming feel of this outdoor space. Everything is at an arm’s reach and everything you could want to have in a bit of backyard R&R is right at your fingertips.

Fire up the grill as you take a dip in the pool, and once the sun goes down mosey on over to warm up a bit. And take a look at the better view below, you’ll get an even better look at the breakfast bar!

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
Stunning Penthouse Outdoor Kitchen Design

Of course, you can always find a fireplace that inspires you artistically and not just in a functional sense. Take this kitchen design for example, created on a penthouse step, you don’t even need a backyard for your contemporary, fashion-forward visionary to come to light.

It’s big enough to host a simple get together and cozy enough to enjoy on your own.

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
Outdoor Kitchen Plan with Large Fireplace

There’s something about this space that gives it a “holiday weekend” type feel. It may not be the area you would find at a tropical resort, but it’s definitely something you’d find on a trip to you mountains in the fall or winter when skiing looms and we’re loving that you can bring it right into your backyard.

Multiple spots to grill and a warmth to create an ambiance, what’s not to love?

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
Outdoor Gazebo Kitchen with Fireplace

A simple setting with a womanly, delicate touch, this gazebo is absolutely darling. Of course you can edge it up a bit for a guy’s night in, but there’s something about a feminine design that makes everyone feel at ease and right at home.

Make your meal and head over to sit and enjoy the night’s dish under the stars.

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
Clark” Outdoor Fireplace Project w/ Grill & Pergola by Family Leisure Direct

A bit less “grand” in the design factor and more functional in usage, this space is again a luxury to any family but more subdued in style. Everything that you need in an outdoor kitchen is right at your fingertips.

But the best part about the space, in our eyes, is the organically-inspired, stone foundation – the texture is such an inspiring addition especially when paired with the red and white cemented tiles.

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs

Essentially this is a set up with more bells and whistles to choose from. Even when a storm is brewing outside, you can enjoy this space with more leisure and less worry. You can keep your indoor cooking center for the family and use this to host any dinner party or event.

And the layout again, creates a beautiful focal point and the overhead coverage helps when the rain hits (and doesn’t spoil the fun or the food).

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
Awesome Outdoor Summer Kitchen Idea Surrounded By Green Trees And Pretty Flowers With Stone Kitchen Cabinet And Fireplace

We absolutely love this space! Why is that you ask? Well, for one things, you truly get to enjoy your backyard without any overhead interruptions and there’s a great view for any landscaping work or gardening that you may be doing.

It greatly utilizes the area and it mixes opulence with traditional styles, making it impressive for guests but homey for the family too.

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs
An outdoor grill station will add value to your home while an elegant custom built fireplace creates the focal point for the whole outdoor living experience.

This stone set up has a style all its own. In fact, we’re loving the mixing of textures between the grill station and flooring. The more texture the more interest and design appeal, which is what we love in fashion-forward, modern thinking and interior visions.

All this space needs are some dinner guests to get the party going!

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs

When you think “outdoor kitchen” it doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire “room” built outside, instead it can just be a station added right in. It can be a place you can easily cook up some lunch in the summertime and offer a spot to roast marshmallows when the sun sets in the evenings.

Instead, it’s merely an extra addition, or accessory have you, to your fabulous pool area!

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs

There’s just one simple word to describe this view and that’s “Wow!” From the patio space to the lounge chairs surrounding the pit to the TV, what family and friends wouldn’t enjoy this spot all year round?

outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs

We love the chic, clean feeling of this outdoor space. It’s a no mess-fuss spot that creates a perfect, neutral foundation for everything from entertaining casually or entertaining for a bigger event hosted at your home.

Of course, it’s also great for family night, when you can just enjoy your loved ones company without the stress of hosting.


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