So many of us now have virtual office space in our homes, lofts, or apartments where we perform our jobs. One challenge that occurs when the traditional work setting is combined into a virtual home office setting is the amount of books, papers, supplies, and tools of the trade that come into the house. It is important to have a healthy balance between the house and work setting. Often times people struggle with creating the proper space that can accommodate all the needed items for their virtual home office. Bookshelves seem to be increasingly harder to find as the world moves into more of an information age where more documents are stored electronically. The modular bookshelf from Kartell offers an innovative solution for improved organization in the home office. You will see from the picture that there are many cubes that make up the bookshelf. Each cube is a stand alone piece constructed of heavy plastic that has locking mechanisms allowing for it to be easily put together. The modular aspect is that you can create whatever design you might desire. This is a great benefit since each virtual office space is different based on the size and limitations of the room. The modular components can also be placed on castor wheels should mobility be required.

Kartell modular bookshelf

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