The beauty of a garden in the springtime is unparalleled in nature.  A million hues of color in the delicate new buds gives way to full-blown, brilliant saturated shades in every size and shape imaginable.  The buds pop into lush flowers with petals as soft and elegant as a silk gown.  Imagine the ability to freeze this moment so you can experience it year round instead of just during a few short weeks.  Kenneth Cobonpue’s Bloom Chair gives you that same natural beauty in a piece of modern furniture.  Simple, stunning, and perpetually in bloom, you can keep your own brightly colored part of nature nearby at all times.

The Bloom Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue

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The Bloom Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue has all the delicate grace of a new flower unfolding in the sunlight.  The handmade microfiber upholstery is formed with hundreds of fine running stitches that radiate outwards from the center of the flower seat in a burst of flowing, textural lines.  Don’t be fooled by the fragile appearance, though, because the Bloom Chair is sculpted from a resin top and steel base.


flower shaped chair

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You can use the Bloom Chair as a piece of nature inside your home, or enjoy it outdoors to create a colorful, permanent garden in a lush backyard or even in the most sterile of balconies.  There’s no question an accent piece like the Bloom Chair will be the bright spot in your day, and a welcoming place to sit back and relax. Would you like to bring the beauty of spring into your life all year long?