Dizajno Gravity Collection
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Have you ever spent so much time on the couch — or just perhaps been so tired in general — that you wished the universe would just help you up halfway in order to get moving?  For those of us who could use a bit of a nudge, there’s the Gravity living room collection straight out of Slovakia from Dizajno, the folks behind the ever-forwarded “Cirrus” couch that looks exactly like a puffy white cloud.  The Gravity collection tilts the inhabitants of its sofa and chairs at a 45-degree angle, quite literally helping them halfway up out of their seat.  Call it ergonomically questionable, call it the bum’s rush — but you definitely can’t call it boring.  The series is accompanied by equally jaunty and assymmetrical accent tables and wall shelving, as well as a boulder-inspired ottoman/pouf that doubles as an impromptu chaise lounge when fitted underneath the edge of the sofa or chair… presuming, of course, that you’d like to sit for more than just a few seconds.  In total, the series includes a sofa, chair, wing chair, pouf, end table and coffee table. Maybe a smidgen more fashionable than functional, we’re still willing to give the collection the benefit of the doubt… well, at least half of one, anyway.


The Gravity Living Room Collection by Dizajno


Dizajno Gravity Collection


green seating Collection


Living Room Collection by Dizajno


Photo credits: Dizajno