Sometimes, the sweetest finds are also the rarest ones.  Take, for instance, the pair of dipped chairs featured in today’s post.  Painted by the very literally and figuratively Parisian Atelier Charivari, these 50+ year old beech bistro chairs have been given new life with a coat of grey and a hint of pink.  With the addition of small felt pads on the feet, these lovingly restored seats are at once classic — just look at those lines — and modern, what with last year’s explosion of colorblocked popularity on runways from Paris and Milan to New York and L.A.  As it often does, last year’s fashion trends are now making their way into home furnishings and accessories, and while colorblocking is no exception, we’re also pretty enamored with the pop-of-color-to-modernize-a-neutral treatment this pair has received.  The juxtaposition of an architectural grey with a light pink hue suitable for a macaron shop storefront is at once edgy and feminine.  And if in the future the trend dies and along with it the owner’s affections, a simple dip into a matching grey or slick, glossy black will do the trick just fine.  As they say in Paris, “Tout vieux est nouveau encore” (everything old is new again).  Oh, of course, and also: “ooh la la.”


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Dipped Chairs from Atelier Charivari


paint dipped chairs


paint-dipped chairs


Photo credits: Atelier Charivari