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Huey Lewis said it best: it’s hip to be square.  In particular, today’s roundup of square dining tables brings together just under a dozen perfectly symmetrical spots to tuck into for… well, a square meal.  A square table doesn’t necessarily limit seating arrangements to parties of four, however; several of the elements in today’s series offer comfortable seating for up to eight, with seats pulled together in couples.  Offering a slightly more democratic opportunity for conversation, there’s no longer a “head of the table” in settings like this — everything is unilateral.  Now that’s modern, and actually not very square at all.

On Today's Menu: 10 Chic Square Dining Tables



classic square dining table

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modern square dining table



square glass dining table



square wooden dining room table



square glass dining room table



square dinner table



square outdoor dinner table



square dining table with storage



espresso dining table



Espresso-colored dining set found at Bassett Furniture.


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