It can be said that “being primitive” takes design down to its deepest roots by breaking it down to its basic concepts. These designs come from Nucleo and feature three of their collections: Primitive, PH and Terra. Each of these themes provides a unique experience designed for both the furniture and art enthusiast.

abstract furniture
abstract tables
artistic lighting
furniture construction

Primitive: The workmanship makes unrepeatable and unique objects: made entirely by hand without the use of presswork and finished with non-toxic resins that reveal signs and imperfections. Living Primitive elements reflect on elementary forms used by Le Corbusier to create architectural and urban space. The return to structure is a twentieth Century leit-motiv, with artistic avant-garde, from Cubism, to Abstract art, to Constructivism, Suprematism. The art is free from ‘enslavement’ to the subject, able to translate the motions of the human soul with the pure colour or pure form.

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PH Series: Inspired by molecular structures and crystal lattices created when atoms bond to one another, PH is a pentagonal modular made in expanded polyurethane. The pentagonal shape allows an ample number of configurations by drawing closer the various sides.

molecule shaped furniture
Nucleo primitive armchair
Nucleo primitive lamp
Nucleo silver seating
garden chair made from grass

Terra: Terra is not a finished product, is an idea; we provide the cardboard frame and the seeds, the main ingredient, the dirt can be found everywhere on our planet. The armchair is born in your garden and becomes part of your landscape.
Terra! is not only a grass arm-chair, is an arm-chair of the world; if you are in a desolate suburb surrounded with cement, make it out of cement, if you live in front of an American highway, make it out of asphalt, if you are in the north pole use the snow. More information: here.