masculine glasswork
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Generally speaking, one doesn’t typically think of abject masculinity when one thinks of glasswork, but in light of today’s trio of examples, one would be shortsighted, since masculine glasswork is exactly what’s been presented.  Coming to us from the Global Views collection of housewares, the wall-mounted test tube vases ( 3.5″ wide x 10″ high x 4.25″ deep), the stalagmite vase and the cuff votive holders all ooze a certain assertive sensibility not typically associated with works of glass.  But alas, here they are, as in-your-face and spear-like as can be, challenging our predisposed opinions of what a vase or candle holder should — or typically does — look like.  With a jarring, jagged effect, the glass and cast iron tube vases in particular are a refreshing change from the typical clear glass vase sitting in the middle of a table, holding a perfectly round (read: perfectly expected) bouquet of flowers.  This piece changes the way we look at flower arrangements in much the same way it changes the way we look at a traditionally feminine art form.  And why not?  The art of surprise is one of the most fun forms of it.


Masculine Glasswork from Global Views


masculine glassware


masculine candle holder


Photo credits: Global Views

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