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Nearly every single one of us has spent hours — or perhaps collectively, days, weeks or even months — of our lives sitting around meeting tables, arguably wasting time that we can never retrieve again once it’s gone.  And it’s a universal truth that conference rooms can be some of the most snooze-inducing places on earth; ironic, considering the fact that meetings are supposed to be held to catalyze, inspire and spur employees into action to achieve their companies’ goals.  Luckily, sympathetic designers the world over have started injecting creativity into meeting room furniture with the intention of shaking things up a little. Most notably, check out the Lego mosaic in ABCG’s conference table, the craftsmanship of MotoArt and Gore Design’s upcycled 1931 airplane wing table, the conversation-inducing, low-lying conference-turned-coffee table from Ior Group, and the backless stools around Versteel’s Elements table, presumably making sure nobody’s entire day gets wasted on one single meeting. Needless to say, today’s roundup doesn’t include a hint of gray fabric, faux cherry wood or boring lines and textures.  In fact, we’re pretty sure no one has ever fallen asleep with their eyes open at any of these badboys.

Not Your Dad's Boardroom: 10 Awesome Meeting Tables



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Purple conference furniture found at Ior Group.