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Soccer fans, gather around this lamp as you’re surely going to appreciate this interesting lighting solution! The Nomad is a very interesting lamp that can be moved anywhere you like since it’s basically a wireless device that uses induction technology for charging. The Nomad is inspired by soccer balls and, but unlike those balls that are generally dominated by black and white, this OLED lamp will be programmed to glow in any color you see fit. And thanks to its soccer ball-like shape you’ll be able to place it in any angle you see fit to improve your current lighting conditions. So, what do you say, are you going to reunite your passion for Soccer and Light by purchasing the Nomad OLED lamp?

Nomad OLED Lamp Reunites Your Passion for Soccer and Light
Nomad OLED Lamp 2.jpg


Nomad OLED Lamp 3.jpg
Nomad OLED Lamp 4.jpg
Nomad OLED Lamp 5.jpg

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