When your bathroom needs extra heat, Nature Ribes radiator is the ideal solution. The striking towel radiator is the masterpiece of Marco Pisati and is inspired by beautiful gardens. It features flowers, buds, and twisted branches where you can hang your bathrobes and towels. The natural-like features give it a striking look that is simply unparalleled. They bring the timeless beauty of nature into your bathroom. Nature Ribes comes from the Nature range of radiators comprised of stunning towel warmers. It is so beautiful that most of your guests will mistake it for a piece of art.


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The Ribes Radiator by K8 Radiators


The Nature Ribes Radiator from K8 Radiators will not only help you stay warm, it will spruce up your space. It is a great way to add creative flair to your bathroom. It produces a lot of heat without changing its appearance. It has a diffuser grill on its top which gives it greater depth. The radiator can be affixed to the wall and is ideal for both large and small bathrooms. It comes with gold or black features.


unique radiator


Radiators are often hidden in rooms because of their unpleasant looks. They are seen as home necessities that decrease a room’s appeal. Nature Ribes Radiator is an unusual piece. It stands out for its unique beauty and is very practical. It will give your bathroom plenty of warmth and enhance the aesthetics of the space. Once you get it, you’ll be spending more time in your bathroom. What room will you warm up with the Ribes Radiator?