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In case you have children then you have probably watched the Narnia adventures a bunch of times already and in case you are planning to have kids at some point, then you’ll surely watch it a lot too. But what you haven’t probably done yet is to build a secret game room based on the Narnia movie. As you can see in the images below the closet there looks like a simple closet but it is actually a magic portal to another universe, the perfect room for your kids to play in. This do-it-yourself project seems pretty easy to make although you’d probably need to redesign a bunch of rooms of your current home in order to bring the Narnia universe to your children. In case this gift idea, although great, sounds too complicated then you’ll have to figure a different way to offer them a piece of Narnia.

Narnia-like Secret Game Room Is a Great Gift Idea For Your Kids
Narnia Playroom 2.jpg


Narnia Playroom 3.jpg

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