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Several studies have been conducted to substantiate the importance of power napping and the positive benefits to reaction time and concentration that even a 30 minute nap can offer. Tutored by Stefanie Eberding and Siegfried Irion, 20 architecture students met to create products for power napping, and after extensive research a workshop in Rotterdam formed four different groups with different goals for their products. The Institute for Living and Design at the University of Stuttgart’s College of Architecture entered undiscovered territory when they opened the Design Studio “Power-Napping” in April 2004. The Napshell is the result of these studies is one of the most unique personalized beds ever developed which features an ergonomic mattress, air conditioning, and Dolby Surround for a most invigorating break in your day. Good news, there is room for two napers!

Napshell : The Ultimate Way to a Power Nap

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