Mutant Life Oven Doubles as a Microwave and Triples as a Table 1
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The piece of furniture in the pictures below, Mutant Life Oven,  is an interesting Camilla Masi creation that’s ready to plug any hole in your current furniture roster. Looking for an oven? An interesting microwave? Maybe a table or a birdhouse for your kids? The Mutant Life does it all. This particular concept will let you recycle your furniture and reuse it in a creative way once its primary function becomes obsolete. The Mutant Life oven can be easily transformed into a multi-purpose table once a better oven has been found. Bundle its interesting shape with your wild imagination and who knows what use you’ll find for it next? Not to mention that all the extra electrical parts are highly recyclable so you’ll also save Earth in the process of recycling your furniture. The Mutant Life isn’t available yet in stores, but we’d definitely like to see it become reality soon.

Mutant Life Oven Doubles as a Microwave and Triples as a Table
Mutant Life Oven Microwave Table-1
Mutant Life Oven Microwave Table-4