One of the fastest growing segments of the furniture business is the “small space and multi-function” categories. With so much growth in metropolitan cities and vertical dwellings where space comes at a premium price, the need for convertible furniture is on the rise. You will have several options with the “Trix” which is comprised of three different sized cushions linked by a system of rubber bands. The Trix starts out as an ottoman for two people, easily transforms into a lounge chair, and finally it can be turned into a cozy bed. The Trix fold out ottoman was designed by famed designer Piero Lissoni and is made from expanded polyurethane upholstered in three-dimensional woven technical fabric in your choice of white or black. Made in Italy by Kartell. $1,292.00 + 39.00 shipping in the continental U.S. 39.5″ w 14.2″ h 29.5″ d

tri fold ottoman bed

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