5 Checkered and Plaid Furniture Ideas for the Home

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Printed and patterned furniture may be fun and playful, but sometimes it can transform your home into a time-warped mess. Instead, find pieces that are bold and stylish without all the antiquity. Believe it or not, checkered and plaid furniture ideas can spruce up, jazz up and modernize even the most dull and drab of corners.  If you look many interior design pictures you will notice a combination of single color pieces combined with patterned accent pieces whether they are pillows or larger furnishing pieces.  This is a standard practice to give a room some pizazz while not overdoing too many colors which can make a room distasteful.  Let’s take a look at some fresh ideas!

Use this jazzy, plaid trunk as a coffee table in the living room, an accent piece in the foyer or something unusual for your bedroom. Use this as a standout, artistic piece for any space you need a bit of stylish flair. It’ll look great among a neutral, monochromatic setting too without too much fuss or clutter going on around it.

Sometimes a simple black and white checkered pattern is all a room needs to complete and finalize it’s style. It’s classic and timeless, and this accent chair is the perfect addition to a modernized, sophisticated foyer or dining room. Add red for an always trendy trio, or stay within the confines of a black and white duo for traditional tastes.

Donegal Apartment Sofa from Crate and Barrel

Donegal Apartment Sofa Plaid

How perfect would this sofa be sitting in your home office or your grey, serenity-infused living room? It’s got quite the vintage appeal but makes for a nice break in a room filled with fashion-forward, straight-edged design. Not only does it add unsuspected personality but it also add texture and interest.

Hooker Melange Mirrored Sideboard from Wayfair

Hooker Melange Mirrored Sideboard Plaid

This beautiful piece would really wow all your guests once they step inside your breakfast nook or dining room. The plaid design is subtle, but still striking enough to create interest and depth on any wall or in any corner. Besides, the mirrored walls create the illusion of more space and light.

Aprentis Modern Retro Checker Leatherette Futon from Overstock.com

This sofa has retro style but modern, clean lines. Mix your home up a bit by adding a lively and unique bit of furniture here and there. This checkered piece is youthful, fashion-forward but still very classic and timeless in design. It could be the most perfect addition to your family’s game room or, of course, the living room.


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