Looking for a sofa that offers the perfect mix of ease and personality? The Curacao modular sofa from Indera is an excellent choice. It can be divided into segments which can be arranged in a variety of ways. No matter how the individual parts are configured, it is easy to create matching looks. The couch has a back rail which you can adjust to your perfect depth.

The Curacao Modular Sofa by Indera

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Fabiaan Van Severen is the brains behind this masterpiece. He has designed a product that focuses on self-evidence and perfectly combines the use of materials and construction techniques. The design creates the perfect relationship between you and your surroundings. It is characterized by soft, welcoming lines and invites your guests to sit down and relax. It has a cover made from felt fabrics which is soft to the touch. Its flat sheet steel feet give it superior support ensuring it accommodates many people at a time. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your tastes and preferences.


Fabiaan Van Severen sofa

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If you have a neutral living room, get this colorful sofa and beautifully enhance the space. You can add matching throw cushions for enhanced flexibility. The great thing about the Curacao modular sofa from Indera is that you can use it to create your own compositions to get exactly what you want. As your needs change, you can adapt or add to what you have. It brilliantly meets all your seating requirements. Do you like modular sofas? Would you get the Curacao modular sofa for your home?