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If you are looking for a minimalist chest of drawers, Chameleon is just what you need. Named after the world’s master of camouflage, it truly lives up to its name. It can change its appearance to reveal its delicate interior or close itself to show off its double leather finish. The chest opens itself like a Chinese box game. It looks good in the bedroom and living room and is an excellent way of updating a room. It provides ample space for everything you hold dear.


Chameleon Chest of Drawers

unusual furniture by Porro


The Chameleon Chest of Drawers by Porro is customized with shelves and drawers and has a case made of pear wood. It is covered with leather bands that can be used as hinges. When used as hinges, the leather bands allow it to turn into a case or bag. As it transforms, it alters its color and look as per the specific mood.  Chameleon can be used as a bedside table in the bedroom, a chest of drawers in an office, or a table next to a settee. It comes with coasters and can be easily moved from one place to another.


leather modern coffer


Masters of ground-breaking designs, Swedish Designers Front are renowned for their ability to change normal perspective by use of images and mirrors. This time around, they have outdone themselves with the Chameleon Chest of Drawers. It is a magical piece that constantly changes appearance to reveal new finishes. It makes a perfect centerpiece for any bedroom. Can you picture the reaction of your friends when they see the Chameleon transforming itself?