Modern & Chic Gender Neutral Nurseries

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We’ve gone through beautiful baby boy nurseries and snazzy baby girl bedrooms, and now it’s time to show off some contemporary styles for gender neutral ideas. If you’re planning on waiting until your little bundle of joy arrives to find out whether there is a she or he bursting in your belly, then you’ll need a chic and modern room that’ll fit both babies. Let’s take a look at 5 beautifully designed and decorated gender neutral nurseries that fit the bill.

Modern & Chic Gender Neutral Nurseries

This chic and subtle nursery is the perfect paradise for any little girl or boy. It doesn’t have a masculine or overly feminine attitude but instead remains a relaxing and stylish spot for any baby to love. This little one is lucky too, the natural lighting that this room gets is stunning and works wonders for the space.

Gender Neutral Modern Nursery

Chic and clean, this nursery looks like it jumped off the pages of vogue. Perfect for any edgy little boy or sophisticated little girl, this room will mesh with your luxurious and contemporary styled home without a hitch. Make sure when using black as a foundation color that you have the extra room to do so.

kids room design

If you’re inspired by the rustic feel and relaxing style of organic elements, try using a mixed medium when decorating. Neutral shades for a calming effect and a rad, DIY wood “headboard” to round out the theme make this nursery not only original but fashion-forward too.

Neutral shades for a calming effect

Teal and charcoal can truly be used for any baby’s room. It’s modern and hip, and you can add accents here or there to make it more of a girlish getaway or masculine space. Not to mention, we are loving the contemporary-styled crib. For extra zest, add some blush pink accessories when baby girl comes home or some chartreuse from a pop in the boy’s abode.

Modern Gender Neutral Nursery

For a splash of color, try primary shades like red, which is easy for baby to see. Use a white foundation for a clean and serene effect and then use pops of oranges and reds for a youthful and playful aire. Every part of this nursery speaks of fashion-forward, modern theme, it’s perfection!

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