Brick Accent Wall: (Home Project Brick Accent Walls)

At first thought, brick may not be completely connected to a fashionable, contemporary style. But, in fact, a brick accent wall can bring the best out of almost any room in a home.

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The interest and texture behind this rough and tough accessory can make for a very hip and modern bit of design.

Or, if you are thinking “faux brick accent wall” you may not go far wrong with that idea either. There are many people out there who have jumped onto the “faux” brick wall ideas.

If you think about old buildings and homes often the brick is saved, because it’s antique and cannot be replaced.  It’s use can change the vibe and feel of a living space by providing a touch of history and incorporating it into the overall design.  

When combined with modern era furnishings it creates a blended interior design look that is fresh and new. Let’s take a look at some modern brick accent wall ideas for your very own home.

A Quick View of “THE” Most Popular Brick Accent Wall Accessories

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Brick Accent Wall Living Room

The soft, subtly of this brick accent wall living room is warm and welcoming. But, it’s chic, posh appeal makes for a very stylish and rich space.

Pair the scheme with this subdued, brick, accent wall and you’ve got an interesting and equally artistic vibe happening in this meeting room.

Brick Accent Wall Living Room
A brick accent wall living room design

Photo by Justin Schüler on Unsplash

Stunning Brick Accent Wall Cafe

If you’re in the mood for a revamp or restore of your home, you may want to create lots of interest and wow-worthy appeal by adding style of sorts. Create a reading nook, place of rest or just a more textural, eye-catching way of walking to the back patio with a bout of brick! This cafe catches the whole theme of natural bricks.

Brick Accent Wall Ideas 6
Brick accent wall in a cafeStunning

Photo by Katlyn Giberson on Unsplash

Low Light Brick Accent Wall Kitchen

A tad darker in tone, this smooth and clean accent wall certainly brightens up this home office. Conservative in overall style, it’s okay to go with a more comfortable decor scheme instead of going with accessories that are too over-the-top. And that’s especially true when your layout of the room includes an amazing focal point such as this.

Brick Accent Wall Ideas 2
Kitchen style brick accent wall

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Stunning Windows with Brick Accent Wall

Even a cottage-flavored home can have a contemporary appeal. We love mixed materials, even ones that evoke a rustic or organic feel. But the trick is, to decorate with sharp, clean edges in mind. Like this stunning open room, it has a very slick and interesting style.

Brick Accent Wall Ideas 3
A wonky looking brick accent wall

Photo by Angela Bailey on Unsplash

Just Play It Cool

Brick Accent Wall Ideas 5
Cool brick accent walls

Photo by Evelyn Semenyuk on Unsplash

The decorating on your walls in your home play a large part in home you view each room. Brick accent walls can say a lot about your home, and any room you decide should have a plain accent wall.

Think carefully, and look at lots of images for brick accent walls before deciding which way to go and which room (if any) to choose for this great project.